The Big Move

     Jon and I had thoroughly planned out all aspects of our move. But what we didn’t plan for, was all the bad luck that made me seriously question the wisdom in leaving behind the only place that I knew as home. We only had a day to get out of our house on Terrace Crescent but considering the fact that we didn’t own much, we thought it would be a breeze. Hah! Even with the help of two young men that worked super hard, it took us over seven hours to get most of our possessions out. Several things we had to leave behind, because we’d run out of room in the moving van. It would have been nice at that point, to have been able to take a break and get something to eat. Or to take one last tour of the little house that we’d lived in for over fourteen years. But we only had the moving van booked until early the next day. So we had no choice but to drive straight out to the new house. Our poor cat, howled and cried the entire hour. And at one point was so upset, I thought she was going to die of a heart attack.

     It was dark by the time we arrived in Nipigon, and the people that had agreed to help us unload, didn’t show up. And just as we thought we were going to have to work late into the night, some local people came to our much needed aid. Roy, a man that lives down the street from our new house, helped us unload our moving van. Another neighbour plowed out our driveway with his truck. Then a little while later he came back with his son-in-law, and they also helped us unload the van. Which is truly amazing, as Jon and I didn’t know any of them. 

     It was well after midnight, when the moving van was finally unloaded. Jon and I were beyond weary at this point, and with our new house being in such a mess. We decided to get a room at a nearby motel. I wanted to bring our cat, but she was curled up in a closet and wanted nothing more to do with us. The following morning Jon got up early, to take the van back to Thunder Bay. But it wouldn’t run and he ended up having to call a tow truck. I had to walk back to our new house, which was a lot further then I realized. And in the confusion of the move, I hadn’t brought my warm clothes. So there I was shivering and cursing, when another Nipigon resident that was a complete stranger to me, magically showed up and gave me a ride.

     Our plan was to live in the bottom of the house, while Jon did all the painting and redid the hardwood floors on the top floor. This ended up being a bigger job than he planned, and even though he did an excellent job with the painting. The floors turned out to be problematic. The smell of the polyurethane was so powerful, I was hallucinating and Jon was getting giddy. So at four in the morning, with our confused cat once again crying, we moved into a motel. We stayed there two days, while Jon finished up the floors. He followed the instructions the people at the Thunder Bay hardware store had given him, and to his great disappointment, they didn’t turn out right. Then one of the pipes for the main floor bathroom froze up, the washing machine broke down, the bathtub plugged up and our car wouldn’t start.

     But as trying as it all has been, the thing that has gotten me through all this turmoil is the generous people in Nipigon. For not only did these total strangers help us move into our house. Many of them have gone out of their way to welcome us to their community. One neighbour brought us a loaf of bread that she’d baked. Another couple dropped off some Christmas cookies and offered to help us contact the former owners of our new house. And each time we’ve gone shopping in the local stores, people have gone out of their way to chat with us.